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Frequently Asked Questions


The organization

How can I support Eckington Parks & Arts?

Become a member by donating $100 per year or volunteering 10 hours a year. To help in other ways, join or form a committee.

Tanner Park

What entity is managing the park?

The NoMA Parks Foundation led the construction of the park. As the contractor warranties expire, responsibility for maintenance of the park will transfer to the DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).

How can I report violations or misuse of the park?

Please call the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) Park Ranger Hotline at (202) 441-2605.

How do I report maintenance and repair issues?

Please e-mail us at [email protected] to report maintenance and repair issues.

Dog Park

Where do I report animal bites?

All animal bites should be reported by calling DC Animal Control at (202) 576-6664.

What costs are covered by Eckington Parks & Arts to maintain the dog park?

Eckington Parks & Arts is estimating it will cost $4,700 a year to regularly clean the dog park and provide dog waste disposable bags.

How often is the dog park cleaned?

The dog park is cleaned every 2 weeks from 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Please keep this in mind as the park closes during this time.

Do you have more questions? Please email [email protected]