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Welcome to Alethia Tanner Park & Dog Park!

Become a Friend of Eckington Parks & Arts to help support and activate Eckington’s public spaces


Spring 2021 News

Compost Fundraiser

We’re working with Compost Crew to get more people composting and fundraise for Eckington Parks & Arts! Sign up using our referral code and get $10 off your first month while $10 is donated to EP&A!

Compost Crew offers food waste pickup at your doorstep once a week - you can also adjust your schedule to less often after signing up. The more people we get within our selected community area (map), the more the price per month goes down (starts at $32, and can go as low as $16/month with 75 sign-ups). Even if you're not within the map area, you can still use the code to start composting!

Why is composting so important? Check out this recent Washington Post article! Visit our Greenways page for other composting options.

Bandana Fundraiser

Expand your pup's wardrobe (or yours!) and grab a snazzy Eckington Parks & Arts bandana. Your $15 donation helps support everything we do, including taking care of the dog park. Model the bandana on social media  and tag us so we can share it on our page!


Missed our March meeting? Watch the recording!

Find out Eckington Parks & Arts updates and hear special guest speakers from DC Natives! Check our Events page.

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Eckington Parks & Arts

Eckington Parks & Arts is an action-oriented nonprofit, philanthropic group that supports and activates Eckington’s public spaces. It is composed of members who contribute either time or monetary resources toward beautifying and activating public spaces in the Northeast D.C. neighborhood of Eckington. Although independent from the Eckington Civic Association (ECA), the two groups work collaboratively to engage neighbors and build our sense of community.


Our goal is to establish an action-oriented nonprofit, philanthropic group to support and activate Eckington’s public spaces.


The group will be composed of members who contribute either time or monetary resources toward beautifying and activating public spaces in Eckington.


We plan to host at least 3 events in 2021, and grow to host additional events in future years, both at Tanner Park and at other Eckington green spaces.


In 2021, our focus will still be on Tanner Park; however, we will begin to extend our efforts to include the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT). In future years, we will expand to Harry Thomas Recreational Center and other Eckington green spaces.

Alethia Tanner Park

In December 2015, the NoMa Parks Foundation acquired two acres of vacant land from Pepco. As envisioned in the NoMa Parks 2012 Public Realm Design Plan,  the park originally called “NoMa Green” will provide for outdoor recreation and community gatherings and serve as NoMa’s “backyard.” In May 2016, an additional half-acre of park space was acquired at the northeast corner, allowing for the softening of the R Street NE Z-turn on the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT). These transactions earned the NoMa Parks Foundation a “Best Community Impact” award as part of the Washington Business Journal’s Best Real Estate Deals of 2016. The NoMa Parks Foundation worked with the community during 2016 and 2017 to design the park, which opened in early 2019.

Eckington Parks & Arts is part of Green Spaces For DC

Green Spaces for DC envisions equitable access to parks and open spaces that enhance the health and well-being of neighborhoods and our D.C. Metro Area community.

Become a Friend of Eckington Parks & Arts